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Flatiron Hot! News | February 21, 2018

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Revolution Books to Host Discussion on Novelist Colum McCann’s “TransAtlantic”

Revolution Books to Host Discussion on Novelist Colum McCann’s “TransAtlantic”
Eric Shapiro

On Sunday, January 26 at 1:30 PM, Revolution Books, located at 146 W. 26th Street between 6th and 7th Aves. will host a book club discussion on Colum McCann’s new novel TransAtlantic, McCann, author of several other notable books such as 2009 National Book Award winner Let the Great World Spin and Dancer, displays a keen interest in his home country of Ireland, although his work is by no means confined to one setting. TransAtlantic interweaves several narratives that span multiple nations and continents between the 19th century and the present. “Characters” include such notable historical figures as Alcock and Brown, who made the first nonstop flight across the Atlantic in 1919, and prominent African American abolitionist Frederick Douglass. McCann also integrates fictional characters inspired by the stories of the real-world protagonists, making for a seamless synthesis of history and fiction.


Chances are, Revolution Books is unlike any other book store you’ve been to. Influenced by a modern permutation of Communism devised by Bob Avakian, It’s owners and employees are fiercely ideological and committed to revolutionary change by peaceful means. They pride themselves on bringing together like-minded progressives dedicated to building a better society, offering opportunities for deep discussion in the form of monthly book clubs, readings, and other events. The books themselves serve a social purpose, arming radicals (in the best sense of the word) with knowledge, the perennial instrument of change.

Bob Avakian

If revolutionary politics and Communism don’t float your boat, you can drop by Revolution Books for stimulating conversation with seriously smart people, employees and patrons both. The selection of books is wide enough that almost anyone (O.K., maybe not a Tea Party Republican) will find something they like. Radical aspirations aside, Revolution Books is one of a dwindling number of independent book stores. It’s staying afloat with the help of its dedicated supporters (which include many famous writers and intellectuals in addition to average New Yorkers), but it can use your support. Next time you’re looking for a book on politics or history, forgo the evil empire that is Barnes & Noble and check out Revolution Books and do your part in keeping a vital cultural institution alive.

Revolution Books

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