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Flatiron Hot! News | January 16, 2018

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Foodtrainers’ Lauren Slayton Dishes on Dieting, “The Little Book of Thin”

Foodtrainers’ Lauren Slayton Dishes on Dieting, “The Little Book of Thin”
Eric Shapiro

Anyone who’s been getting their daily dose of Flatiron Hot News (otherwise known as vitamin FH) knows that on Tuesday, November 14, the Greensquare Tavern hosted a book signing party for nutrition guru Lauren Slayton MS RD, the founder of Foodtrainers and the author of The Little Book of Thin. Those of you poor saps who missed out on the event (shame on you!) and/or crave another helping of Lauren Slayton’s expert dieting tips are in luck.

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Flatiron Hot, as always devoted to your healthy living needs, was fortunate enough to ask Lauren some question about herself, her book and advice on how to eat healthy in a way best suited to your lifestyle. So put on your bibs and get ready to feast on some delicious dieting tips.

Author and Foodtrainers Founder Lauren Slayton

FH: How did you develop an interest in nutrition? Have you always had a healthy diet and lifestyle?

LS: I always had an interest in food, grew up in food-centric house where a snack was a piece of fruit. It was later that I caught the nutrition bug.

FH: What is Foodtrainers? How did you come up with the concept?

LS: For so long there was a little bit of a double standard, everyone would rave about their personal trainers and conceal the fact that they saw a nutritionist. The name Foodtrainers was an attempt to take diet out of the wellness closet.

FH: What inspired you to write a book about your diet plan?

LS: Foodtrainers has been open for 13 years and I counseled for a few years prior to branching out on my own. At this point, I feel I have an approach that’s different from most and the experience to back it up.  I also love to write and have a friend who’s my literary agent.

FH: How did you decide on title, The Little Book of Thin?

LS: As I’ve learned in this book process, the decisions are not my own. The original title was Plan-it Thin, I was devastated when that was vetoed but I’m now very happy with the title and the abbreviation LBT a play on LBD.

FH: What are some drawbacks of other dieting plans/methods that Foodtrainers and The Little Book of Thin seek to remedy?

LS: I ‘m not one to bash other plans (in writing at least) but I think the majority of the dieting public is tired of anything that provides short term results.

FH: What should people eat that they don’t? What shouldn’t people eat that they do?

LS: People should give seeds as much attention as nuts and people should know nonfat (milk/yogurt/cheese) is nonsense.

FH: You talk about devising a plan that suits different life style; how do you do this?

LS: By understanding that travel, busy schedules, social plans etc are often the norm and not the exception. OK so instead of saying “oops” every time you have a business trip let’s plan around it.

FH: In The Little Book of Thin, you emphasize planning ahead. Why is this so important?

LS: Guilt can easily derail efforts to lose weight. “I shouldn’t have had that” only leads us to eat more and worse. When you plan for healthy eating or treats the guilt us gone and progress is attainable.

FH: How did you come to do a book signing at Greensquare Tavern?  

[Greensquare Tavern Chef Proprietor] John Marsh and his wife Gigi are longtime friends. It was their idea. I trusted John and had no idea what he’d serve but he did his spin on the recipes in LBT. It was an honor.

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