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Flatiron Hot! News | February 13, 2018

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Update: Madison Square Park Shake Shack Renovations

Update: Madison Square Park Shake Shack Renovations
Eric Shapiro

Notice something different about Madison Square Park? No, we’re not talking about a new event or art installation . We’re talking about the temporary closing of Shake Shack for renovations. Sure, the Shake Shack structure itself is still present, but gone are the long lines of tourists and residents alike eagerly anticipating delicious burgers, fries, shake and ice cream.  The park feels different without one of its most popular attractions. Until recently, it was easy to miss a small flyer explaining Shake Shack’s temporary absence.
Now, feast your eyes on this banner. which inc2014-12-01 11.56.18ludes not only the reassurance that Shake Shack will reopen in mid-2015, but also a brief biography of a rapidly expanding fast food institution. And look at those oddly expressive stick figures, going about their business against a backdrop of buildings rendered so economically in right angles. Is that a burger floating in the upper-left corner? Way to make an announcement in style, Shake Shack. It more than makes up for the ugly fence.

Can’t wait for Madison Square Park’s Shake Shack to come out of hibernation? Hit up these other locations in New York and beyond.