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Flatiron Hot! News | February 14, 2018

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Madison Square Park Art – Fata Morgana by Teresita Fernandez

Madison Square Park Art Installation Fata Morgana Mad Sq Art's Latest: Fata Morgana Fata Morgana in Madison Square Park
Eric Shapiro

A new Madison Square Park art installation, Fata Morgana by artist Teresita Fernandez, will bloom in one of NYC’s most beloved public park from April 30th, 2015 through January 10th, 2016. The Madison Square Park Conservancy’s 30-second art exhibition is a sprawling sculpture that will consist of 6 golden canopies suspended above the park’s pathways. A fine example of NYC public art, the art instillation’s interaction with the light will create a vivid, mirage-like effect, hence its name. Fata Morgana will emanate a warm, inviting brightness throughout the park. Madison Square Park events held throughout the spring and summer are sure to benefit from the new ambiance. The Flatiron District has seen a lot of art, but none quite like this.

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Teresita Hernandez Talks Fata Morgana

Teresita Hernandez, Artist Responsible for Madison Square Park Art Installation Fata Morgana

Brooklyn-Based Artist Teresita Hernandez. Photo from:

Artist Teresita Fernandez is less concerned with the precise form of her sculpture and more focused on how the viewer perceives it from a given perspective in Madison Square Park. In dealing with the overlapping yet distinct realms of architecture and sculpture, Fernandez explains, “I’ve always been inspired by architecture in the sense that it is the ultimate form of immersive, constructed experience. But the most important parallel for me between architecture and sculpture has less to do with what something looks like or its sheer size and more to do with an ambulatory viewer.”

A map of Madison Square Park Featuring Fata Morgana

A map of Madison Square Park Featuring Fata Morgana

Fernandez is heavily influenced by Ralph Waldo Emerson, whose works dealt with the all-encompassing influence of light on mankind’s perception of nature and reality. Emerson wrote: “to the illuminated mind, the whole world burns sparkles with light.” Finally, Fernandez is fascinated by gold, mindful of its rich history and, in particular, its association with the sun. While some have come to associate gold with greed, Fernandez’s sculpture reminds us why we find it so alluring, whether in a work of NYC public art or a piece of jewelry.

Madison Square Park art has become a cultural mainstay of not only the Flatiron District, but New York City as a whole. Fata Morgana by Teresita Hernandez is only the latest in a long line of Madison Square Park art installations and events that have contributed to the neighborhood’s personality. Fata Morgana continues the tradition of quality, memorable public art in a beloved NYC park.