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Flatiron Hot! News | December 9, 2017

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The American Flag Made of Potato Chips – in the Flatiron Plazas

The American Flag Made of Potato Chips – in the Flatiron Plazas
Tod Shapiro

Reported by the Flatiron Hot! News Editorial Staff

With July 4th coming up, we’re ready for all manner, shape and form of Old Glory to be front and center – but I must admit I did a double take on my way to work on Wednesday morning!  This week’s promotional event on the Flatiron Public Plazas featured an over-sized American flag right on the south end of the North Plaza.  As I crossed 5th Avenue and 23rd Street and the large flag came into view, it gradually became apparent to me – and some other early morning strollers – that this flag was made up of hundreds of bags of potato chips arranged to make the image of the Stars and Stripes.  Yes, it’s Crazy Hot popchips – the latest hyper-spicy (and tasty) potato chip snack being promoted to the max,

Yes - those are BAGS of chips!

Yes – those are BAGS of chips!

along with an assortment of July 4th games, including a bean bag toss for the adults, building blocks for the kids, “dunk the salesman”, along with a huge supply, of course, of free chips.   What is a “Crazy Hot popchip”?  Well, yours truly tasted one, and it is a hyper-spicy, hyper tasty hot – and I mean HOT! – potato chip – definitely a world apart from your typical potato chips.  And what would a Flatiron Plaza promotion be without a trendy social media-based contest – in this case, snap a pic of the proceedings in the Flatiron Plazas, post your visuals to hashtags #popchips #eattheheat #nyc  and become eligible for – of course – a year’s supply of popchips!

Here’s a quick Flatiron Hot! News Video Clip for those who missed the fun and games, and their free bag of popchips. And click here for a write-up of the Flatiron popchips extravaganza by NYC Seminar and Conference Center’s summer 2015 class of intrepid interns, who attended and participated in the fun and games, as well.