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Flatiron Hot! News | December 15, 2017

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Flatiron and Chelsea Feature Lively Street Art Scene – Teofilo Olivieri

Flatiron and Chelsea Feature Lively Street Art Scene – Teofilo Olivieri
Tod Shapiro

Reported by the Flatiron Hot! News Editorial Staff

Any trendy neighborhood worth its name should have some intriguing street artists that will help put it on the map, and Chelsea and Flatiron have their fair share!  I was reminded of this fun fact as I was strolling back to the NYC Seminar Center this past Monday morning after doing a quick errand.  Sure enough, the southwest corner of 6th Avenue and 23rd Street straddling the Chelsea and Flatiron Districts had been turned into an ad-hoc gallery of street art! (That would be the area immediately adjacent to the building containing Burlington Coat Factory.)  Yes, the irrepressible Teofilo Olivieri had, once again, set up his unique visions of many of our favorite comic book and film characters for all to see, on canvas and in paint, in his own inimitable style.  No, you are not seeing things – all of his subjects have one eye, his idiosyncratic signature stylistic tic. I noted Spiderman, Captain America, Wonder Woman, Batman, and the Joker – to say nothing of Mahatma Ghandi and Frieda Kahlo and William Shakespeare – certainly the man has range!  Should you be in the area when he happens to be there again, go take a look-see – if not, check out our quickie Flatiron Hot! News pics and video clip. Keep them coming, Teofilo!

Here is a little bit about Teofilo Olivieri (taken from the book The Puerto Rican Folktales):
Teofilo Olivieri grew up in Hoboken, New Jersey where he taught himself to draw, first using traditional media and then employing computer technology. His illustrations have brought a unique and powerful energy to national ad campaigns, magazines, journals, books and CD liner notes. His client list includes: The New York Times, Washington Post, Soul Train Awards and Arista to name a few. Extremely versatile, from book covers to massive murals, Olivieri’s work is prolific and reminiscent of futuristic tribalism. It evokes an esoteric and timeless tone.

To learn more about Teofilo, click here, visit his Facebook page, and please enjoy this clip of an interview with Teofilo and a presentation of his artwork: