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Flatiron Hot! News | January 17, 2018

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“Learn How to Take Down Your Marketing Goliath” – Informative Talk in Flatiron Plaza

“Learn How to Take Down Your Marketing Goliath” – Informative Talk in Flatiron Plaza
Flatironhot Contributor

Reported by Stephanie Sioufas and Edited by the Flatiron Hot! News Editorial Staff

If you have a multi-day class, conference or event at NYC Seminar and Conference Center that keeps you around the neighborhood on a Tuesday night, make sure to check out Tech Tuesdays in the Flatiron Plaza. Tech Tuesdays are a great way to spend a part of your evening when staying in the Flatiron District. The setting is beautiful and the information discussed is more than interesting.

Professor Spider Graham presented Learn How to Take Down Your Marketing Goliath this Tuesday as a part of the Flatiron Tech Tuesday series. Flatiron Tech Tuesday is a program that is brought to us by the Flatiron 23rd street Partnership. This wonderful program will be running for the next seven weeks with a variety of topics being discussed. Every year the Flatiron 23rd Street Partnership invites extremely qualified people to run each seminar; this year the instructors come from a variety of organizations such as General Assembly, Baruch College Division of Continuing and Professional Studies, ThoughtMatter, Touro Graduate School of Technology, and Yext. With topics ranging from how to build a resume, to how to advertise online, to branding, and even to coding, there is something for everyone to go out and learn about.

This week was all about marketing and how small businesses can compete with big businesses in that area. Professor Spider Graham is a professor at Baruch College in their Division of Continuing and Professional Studies. In his 20-year career, Professor Graham has taught at Harvard University, Emerson College and the University of Massachusetts – Lowell, Quinnipiac College and currently, Baruch College. Besides teaching, Professor Graham is the founder and CEO of Trainingcraft, LLC, a company that specializes in digital advertising, marketing and sales consulting.

During his talk, Professor Graham made a lot of interesting points, kept the tone of the seminar conversational, relaxed and entertaining while teaching us a great deal. He started off by comparing the old way of marketing with the new way of marketing. A big aspect of his talk was the rules that were set. Before, the rules always made the bigger company better off, made marketing seem scary, expensive and impossible, while the new rules are geared towards small business and makes marketing understable and easy. Overall, Professor Graham took seven old rules, such as the golden rule, and made them into new rules, such as the equality rule. He used these seven rules as a guideline for new marketers to follow. Outside of his rules, one big part of his talk was the idea that you are going to fail at first. He constantly repeated the idea that there is no way to get it right on the first try, that instead you need to try something out, make mistakes, analyze your mistakes and try again. He came up with and explained the digital marketing cycle strategies that you should follow. It is actually a very easy cycle that everyone should follow: set goals, target audience, define message, identify channels, measure results, apply results and then set new goals and start again. It is an endless cycle that in the end, if preformed correctly, will bring your company great success.

Tech Tuesdays are a great way to learn about new ideas and topics completely free of charge. Just make a reservation online, show up and enjoy the talk. Overall it is a wonderful and easy experience that no one should miss out on! If you missed it, check out this Flatiron Hot! News quick video clip!