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Flatiron Hot! News | January 16, 2018

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Flatiron’s Taproom 307 Offers Great Venue for NY-Based Microbrewer Barrier’s New Beer Launch!

Flatiron’s  Taproom 307 Offers Great Venue for NY-Based Microbrewer Barrier’s New Beer Launch!
Tod Shapiro

Reported by Tod Shapiro and the Flatiron Hot! News Editorial Staff

Flatiron and Chelsea and the surrounding neighborhoods are a mecca for beer and ale lovers, and they make the perfect location for the burgeoning microbrewery industry of locally brewed beers and ales to be introduced to a discerning and sophisticated marketplace of beer aficionados! Flatiron includes such beer halls as the Store House and the Flatiron Hall, among many others. Such was the case at the Taproom 307 which, located at 23rd Street and 3rd Avenue, a short stroll from NYC Seminar Center’s Chelsea-Flatiron flagship, made an ideal venue for the roll out of the next great New York-brewed original IPA. Word on the street had it that Oceanside, New York-based Barrier Brewery Co., one of the growing number of local microbreweries, was going to be featuring a suite of new craft beers for the local urban market – so Flatiron Hot! News staffers headed over to the Taproom to offer their discerning beer-lover’s palates to see if they had hit the sweet spot with their new products!

Original Label art for "Suburb"!

Original Label art for “Suburb”!

The Taproom is a hopping drinking and dining establishment bordering Flatiron and Gramercy, and is right in the middle of a section of the city teeming with Generation X-ers and Millenials who are big beer consumers, so it made perfect sense to roll out the new series there. The fistful of new offerings – the artfully named Money, Suburb, and Imposter among others, were all available fresh from the keg, and the Flatiron Hot! News staffers had a chance to sample those and a few others. In addition, Taproom 307 was decked out with original label art for the new products, featuring the very impressive, idiosyncratic, and colorful design efforts of the well-known commercial artist Dan Birch, who was on hand at the Taproom, along with the sales and marketing team of Barrier Brewing Co., to answer questions and help promote the products. The label art, in keeping with the local, home-brewed, organic and family-friendly vibe, was funky and colorful and showed the influence of the 60s- and 70s-based underground comics and art scene. We had a chance to talk to Dan, as well as some of the brewer’s sales team, and they gave us beer-o-philes some good insight in to what it takes to kick off a new beer brand. They told us that the whole suite of craft beers would be available at many of our favorite Flatiron and Chelsea watering holes, and to be on the lookout for them.

Kazem, Eric and I were in agreement – the craft beers on offer had a hoppy, fresh, home-brewed taste that you won’t find in the the regular mass-produced national beers that so many of us are used to. Truly, these are lucky days for beer lovers in New York City – head over to the Taproom and try some yourself. Check out our Flatiron Hot! News video clip to see what was happening at Taprooom 307, and check out the label art and some of the commentary by Dan Birch and the Barrier crew.