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Flatiron Hot! News | January 17, 2018

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Meditation for Stressed out Flatiron and Chelsea Residents: Michel Pascal Discusses “On Site” Approach

Meditation for Stressed out Flatiron and Chelsea Residents: Michel Pascal Discusses “On Site” Approach
Tod Shapiro

Reported by Tod Shapiro for the Flatiron Hot! News

All of us at the NYC Seminar and Conference Center and, of course, in Flatiron and Chelsea – the center of New York’s fast-paced working world for digital media, tech startups, advertising and PR agencies, among other things – know something about high-stress, dawn-to-dusk work days and the inevitable stress that goes along with it. Therefore, when it came to our attention that the well-known expert on meditation, Michel Pascal, wanted to speak about his innovative and unique approach to reducing stress by the well-established method of meditation, I leaped at the opportunity to inform local residents about how to improve their well being and state of mind.

Michel’s approach is remarkably simple and holistic: he encourages his patients and disciples to learn his techniques in short sessions, and often conducts his sessions “on site,” out in the very spaces in our Flatiron and Chelsea environs that trigger our stress. It’s not unusual for him to conduct sessions in parks, offices, or even in the subways – in short, any place that might be a trigger or causative factor in bringing on the stress that makes our lives more difficult. Michel, who has a background in jazz singing, uses music as an important component of his meditative approach. He is well known across the country and other parts of the world for his philosophy, has worked locally for major Flatiron and Chelsea companies, including Google, and has worked on a pro-bono basis in area schools and even prisons in an effort to spread the word on his methods. Click here for a quick overview of his background, upcoming events, and other useful information all about Michel and his efforts.

I met up with Michel at a very well-appointed health club called the Mercedes, located on 54th Street and 10th Avenue, where he often advises people on meditation, and he very graciously agreed to sit down with me and give me a concise summary of his work and methods for the benefit of Chelsea and Flatiron denizens, taking care to point out the singular aspects of his approach and philosophy. Michel has an aura about him that exudes positive energy and serenity as befits a meditation expert. Check out our Flatiron Hot! News quick video clip below to get a sense of just what his meditation philosophy is all about.

After seeing the video clip, if you are intrigued by Michel and his approach to stress management, then by all means check out his upcoming workshop at the nearby Dharma Yoga Center on 23rd Street on Saturday, October 29th at 2 pm. Michel will be co-hosting the meeting with his colleague, the noted neuroscientist, Mario Beauregard, PhD – click here for more details.

And, on November 14th at 8 PM and a perfect example of of his musical talents, Michel will sing in the prestigious CARNEGIE HALL in NYC with his exceptional voice a Capella, to inspire you, to travel thru a journey towards your soul – check out this link for a quick preview of what to expect! His “RELAX-SING” performance is created specifically to help you feel deeply relaxed, calm, less tired, without tensions and happier, and reboots your energy – a musical version of his stress reduction philosophy! Click here for info about the event – and click here for more info about Michel as well: Readers of Flatiron Hot! News can take advantage of a special discount code – please click here and follow the instructions!